Lyrics to Stay Awake
Stay Awake Video:
Staring at the wall because you know it understands
And boy you wonder about everything that could have been
It's getting later all the time but you're still wide awake
And boy you wonder, if you'll ever sleep again

Hey, hey, gotta stay awake
Don't let it slip away
Don't think that they're not waiting
Hey, hey, gotta stay awake
As your mind is peeled away
But they still seem to find you anyway

Sift your hands through broken glass
Through your shattered crystal ball and boy you wonder
If you'll ever see again
Cause every time you close your eyes
You know they're right behind you and you wonder
If you'll ever live again

Don't make a sound cause they're living all around
With their shiny eyes and their shiny minds
And they're living everywhere
Watching every move I make
Gotta stay awake
Songwriters: Alexander, Scott Preston / Richards, John Robert / Browning-Cravens, Rodney / Pendergast, George Edward Iii / Waterman, Marc / Wood, Jim B
Publisher: Lyrics © EMI Music Publishing
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