Statues In A Gallery Lyrics

Kishi Bashi


Lyrics to Statues In A Gallery
Statues In A Gallery Video:
One day, we may
[?] in love, safely
Like animals, we play
[?] through the holiday

One day, we may be
Statues in a gallery
Oh, lover
You wanted me to give it to you
Everything you wanted
Everything you wanted

Did you think I could live forever
Without anyone to love again?
Here I am so let's turn it on and on and on

One song, in the rain
Listen and trust me
'Cause if you know the melody
We can sing along in a harmony

And every day, every song
Makes it all right even though it's gone
Oh, lover
Part of me, I gave it to you


One love, every one of us
One dream, we'll be a step away
One [?], from singing hallelujah

[Chorus] x3
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