Starving Like A Pack Of Wolves Lyrics

Fire Zuave

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Lyrics to Starving Like A Pack Of Wolves
Starving Like A Pack Of Wolves Video:
It's always till you turn your back away
And leave things left misunderstood
seemingly you are surrounded now with your back against the wall
And I'm not suggesting you run, run from what you've done
or stare into a crowd
don't you want to stare them down
And punish them for cruel, the cruel things they've done

Listen man it's so obsessive how you think you can hang with me
Travel light you won't need lingering secrets to tell in your sleep
harvesting an evil wandering the sun comes knocking on the door tonight
Far away you think I'm going but you're the one with blood on your hands

Far away you caught me running, starving like a pack of wolves under a full moon

stemming from your allegations
I won't make it long alive
Built on grounds of negativity
I'll crawl back into my hole
Walled off from you evil people
Left to chase my dreams
don't walk where you fall
from now on I will go gently to another place at the other end.
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