Lyrics to Start Believing
Start Believing Video:
If you wanna be free Start to be just you If you wanna beloved Start to love you too If you wanna be happy Start to make it come true If you wanna be rich Give away to the poor (Refrain) If you wanna believe Then start believing in you If you wanna succeed Then start succeeding for you If you having a dream Then start to make it to come true No, there isn?t a problem Just solutions for you There is nothing but trouble You say it?s true I believe it is double I know you do There is a light in the darkness You see it, too It is shining upon us On me and you (Refrain) There is nothing to worry You don?t have to hurry You?ll make it! You?ll take it! Don?t have to forsake it A new day is dawning And peace will becoming All over the planet We soon will understand it (Refrain)

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