Lyrics to Start 2 Finish
Start 2 Finish Video:
Fuck it nigga I'm back, ain't no one man to rap
Can stop this train on its tracks, I'm the realest nigga in rap
Currently and before this, have you see what you all missed
Cuz I will never stop till my currency's on the Forbes list
It's do or die motherfucker
On that Madisons if you survive motherfucker
Who side you on? You see me on TMZ, you hate me for being me
So fuck that bitch and the powers that be
Now you've been warned
I'm calm, I got that from growing old
You sold them souls, made a lot of money but sold your soul and so just call
Foolery will get you nowhere, don't even go there
It's so clear, got a sixth sense, they call me cosin
Did a song with J Roc and Kendrick, do your forensics
Search for all the clues, I pray that you get offended
The first nigga on this side to toss em a shot
The first nigga on this side to thought he was hot
Ask that nigga Big KRIT, who's the first that he spit with?
When rappers comin up I'm that nigga they tryna get wit
But when the tables turn I get treated just like a misfit
An outcast, give me 3000 more, I can outclass
I'm screamin where my real niggas?
These old niggas is runnin behind these lil niggas
Some Philly nigga's the biggest slave on the plantation
But I own my masters, don't keep the feds waitin
Fuck it nigga I'm here, ain't nobody to fear
I'm a king but they ain't give me the throne, they gave me the chair
Electrifying the mic, it's still denying them nice
I'm still supplying the white, it's the streets I'm tryin to fight
I'm captivated with tracks I'm makin
Let's get em waving and make you niggas retract yo statements
Decapitation from lacerations, I'll bash your face in
I think you ran out of time, don't keep your casket waitin
Procrastination, yall niggas stay on that cool shit
Colorful clothes, dancing around, buffoon shit
I stay in tune prick
I see that spoon drip balloon clips
Visions down state, stay on that goon shit, army fatigue, platoon shit
Full of it, it gets you nowhere
Don't even go there, they so scared
Devour my prey cuz they got no prayer
And now it's so clear, it's crystal light
So crystal they call me Mr. White for these fiends trading they kryptonite
It's 2 Pac in his new body, big perm with 2 shotties
I'm a soldier so I don't do molly
Nigga I'm 2 Gotti's, Erwin John
I'm a gangsta that know the bizz, a perfect don
That's what is wrong, made me swear on my mama
I'ma load up the lama and blow the scene like Osama
I don't whack like Obama, still I be presidential
Smoking ganja in Ghana, I murder whoever sent you
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