Lyrics to Stars Still Pretty
Stars Still Pretty Video:
I can't find a face
I'm my best when I'm at rest
Nothing greets an open eye
That says this is how you are

Distance from the things
You once said, you just said
Everything strange wants to fade
Drifting today, tomorrow, always it has no weight

I can't stay the same
I'm at rest when I've just left
Nothing sees any open eye
That says you should look away

Cry every kiss, every lost fingertip
I go by the taste of metal, gravity, I guess
I just wish it didn't mean this much

Picture everyone you know
Jumping in place all at once
Catch yourself mistaking now for so long
When you were twice the size
The house you decided to lean against

Things and people, things with wings
Things that scream, things that won't
Spin, spin, spinning out, the sky was always blue-black
Stars still pretty, as a matter of fact
I've haven't forgotten a face in over a week
I plan not to again

I can't stay the same
I can't stay the same
I can't stay the same
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