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Lyrics to Starlit Dequindre
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caress. starlit dequindre.
moving my emotions deliver.
carve a picture melts in time.
subliving we label tonight we dine.
two step amazing part played to perfection.
burning on the inside never let out it kills at will.
half kept bottling plant.
man chasing giant rats.
sponge dripping blood in the tuesday morning aftershock.
starlit dequindre.
sensations over the other river.
success a face folds within mine.
confusion is leaving my sights inside.
getting lost doesn't count as philosophy.
writers block.
paper towels.
compare you to plato.
how come you're always what you never seem.
don't know how long it's going to take me to get home because i don't want to leave.
take my arms.
set them ablaze.
do what you want but please stay.
what do you think of me now.
i try to be inspired.
days i'm inspired to try.
not as often as i'd like.
i can't stop thinking.
that i fell the sine.
make a better leisure.
watch the sun rise.
who's going to watch me.
who's going to need me.
who's going to keep me entertained.
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