Staring Down a Felt Ceiling Lyrics

Ani Called Alpha

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Lyrics to Staring Down a Felt Ceiling
Staring Down a Felt Ceiling Video:
Just then the record drops out.
into the mix my number one's heels.
my nails peel back the tender bar wood
joining a collection of anxious nerves.
the worry time I waste here,
calling for a drink to hide what is exposed.
and at last I spotted her name
thanks to the friend with a pesky voice.

Drinks drank down, oh, maybe I should go now
to the unknown. my heartbeat won't slow down.
creeping in lights illuminate my access.
taking my chances in a city crowd!

Cautiously: approach the court room
I plead a stuttering "Hello".
All I hear those high heels clanking;
she only cares for Siouxie and her Strawberry Girl.
Back down. Retreat to home base.
Ordering up another, let's make it 2.
On the train this seemed so easy
On the train I knew exactly what to do.


OK, now dance this off. Oh no, that would do it
i wonder what just shows. Breath now we're getting though it
intoxicate repose. but now remain composed.
I'm moving in too slow. It seems the room is growing

Black out
don't black out
black out
don't back out

I should have stayed there...
my drinking is an investment
Into my ego...
or maybe another way to fail.

And now the sky is closing in
another night of wasted excess
take me down. Home I want to go to
always there I know exactly what to do.

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