Lyrics to Staring At The Mirror
Staring At The Mirror Video:
Beautiful flowers lying lonely on a grave
Such a beautiful smile trying hard to hide the pain
I would have loved to have loved you with every waking hour
Now through the good times and bad
All I'm ever gonna have are these beautiful flowers.

Sometimes your right
Sometimes your wrong
Sometimes you fight
Sometimes you fall
Maybe its me still missing you
Sometimes a lie is better then the truth
If I'm wrong, ill be damned
your still gone and here I stand
staring at the mirror again.

Yesterdays tears are forgivin by the rain
Tomorrows goodbyes are always standin in the way
I would have loved to have kept you
but didn't have the power
While times still movin on, you know I'm still holdin on
To these beautiful flowers.




Here I stand
Staring at the mirror again
Staring at the mirror again.
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