Lyrics to StarGazer
StarGazer Video:
I'm crazy, crazy - I'm the boyWho defies all, yeahLift me higher, than anyoneAnd hold me armsWoman, woman, she outta mindAnd simply out of soulShe gets me higher than anyoneAnd I miss her soSo do itI miss her soStargazer you call the shotsAnd I'll take allStar you kick with me - oh pleaseStargazer you call the shotsI take allStargazer won't you kick with meOh pleaseI dance a dancer - I'm all wrongShe thinks she's young and wiseBut oh, no - noShe dance around my - my dirty little cable carAnd fix me up with a guy - why?C'monWhy'd you do this to me, babe?[Chorus] Stargazer you cry in blueAnything I've ever seenAin't as good as you childI'm not trying to push your feelingsBut I know you hold me like butter in your handsCry for me and rub it inCry for the saviors and the prophet's sonDream of me and Julie AnnOh xana come back again

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