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Lyrics to Stare into the Sun
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My own youth
was a boundless canvas of a checkered land
With golden crops
where an endless summer reigned
The colors fed my very soul
Bathing in the warmest rain
giving cover with a forest bloom

Bestir - I thought - from this summer daze
Just as the honey veil of lies
binds my eyes…

The glaring days of carefree life
transcending lucid dreams of flight
- why doubt - when you can
stare into the sun

To lose yourself in blissfull world
guided by a burning light that leads astray
lock your eyes and brave the pain
Until the worold in darkness finds itself
It's blackened drape - my likeness

Illusion of triumph faded
scorch of lids turned to dust
Rub away the wreck of my shield
Expose my obvious
self imposed delusion

Among the scars that marked me now
there once was, torn by a fall
A night sweet lie
a promise made in neglect
betrayal forebode

Black world of thoughts where bedrock came bare
Tainted intent roots carcass of our symbiose
Brooding in the dusk the dread apparent
touched by a Judas kiss, devoid of…
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