Lyrics to Starbright
Starbright Video:
Starlight burn bright
Countless eons of time
Have you burned that way for a billion years
Glittering ever brightly
And I see earthrise, our eyes
How much longer to go
Little sphere of dirt that we live upon
Trembling in its last throes
And I say no man, all can
Carry part of the load
Do you have to get paid for survival
In your old age
Think right what you gonna do
Look at your child will he follow you
Take another look 'cause your baby's liable to die
Politicians have their say, you once mattered
But you're in the way, why do we let these
People run our lives,
For the country isn't run by the statesmen now
But by the gentry who see
And I see starbright, cold light
Shining through the night
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