Lyrics to Star-laden Pillow
Star-laden Pillow Video:
In your wake you leave sleepless nights,
nights of cold regret
All i want is to forget you,
But its hard not to remember
And i dont care if what we had was never there for you
Because even if i was living a dream, It was MY dream

My blood is no longer tainted with your indiscretion
My mind is no longer inhibited by regret
What could i do?
I cant convince my dreams to forget you

I close my eyes and everything's all right
Star-laden pillow, clouds of happiness
Fading memories, without the pain
Maybe thats how I'll remember you

Lately I've been thinking and I'm not taking the pictures
Graphic reminders of the past
Why would I?
Things were never as they seemed
They are exactly as I dream

Star-laden pillow, clouds of happiness
Fading memories without the pain
Thats how I'll remember you
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