Lyrics to Staples
Staples Video:
[Verse 1: Kevin Abstract]
I'm from the south side of Corpus
Where niggas steady recording
Or they push a little green thinking they gon' live enormous
See you never make it out
Forever on ya momma's couch
Your dreams are way too big, your friends will keep ya ass in doubt
Then you'll probably get in debt
Before you get your first check
Niggas shooting out here ain't even in the projects
And they cussing teachers out
Think they got it figured out
They pulling triggers, killing niggas, hateful words come out they mouth
Most the girls is all hoes
Barely wearing any clothes
I ain't hating I'm just taking you to the city that made me grow
Same city that made me go
Same city where angels glow
Same city where they bump my shit like top 20 hits and damn sure gon' make me blow
Yup, but within time, in time
I'mma grind for the city I'mma make the world mine
Wise words from my dad
Wise words is what he said
So I'm swerving through the city with some syrup on my lap, yap!

[Hook: Kevin Abstract]
I came to rule the world, I came to rule the world
I plan to rule the world, I plan to rule the world
I came to rule the world, I came to rule the world
I plan to rule the world, I plan to rule the world this time

[Verse 2: Vic Mensa]
Scribble my name on this paper, Funny in class I used to get in trouble for forgetting it
These days can't help but repeating it hoping you don't forget me
Real disco shit
Probably hitcho chick
Yo bitch
Know Vic
Running on glass
The city where I'm from tryna save yo neck
Might slit yo shit, watch
Where you walking
Incase you walking where you shouldn't be
Cause niggas be on dummy g
That's if you in my hood atleast
I used to dream of moving out the city before I hit my teens
Now I can't even sleep unless I pop a xan and hit my lean
Looking for something dodging ops patrolling (?)
Hope my people get this paper
Profit pockets Broke and stuck in
Fucking low end in come housing
Hopping out with no discussion
You getting hit if you ain't ducking
Just had a banger pulled out on me this week
Fuck dude I'm candy flipping tripping even tho it ain't sweet
My niggas getting it at some bout save money bet they know me
Listening to the dragon
Driving round the city sippin some medice from my cabinet
Save Money

[Hook: Kevin Abstract]

[Verse 3: MiC Kurb]
Ima point you out some flaws, niggas losing they jobs
Started with my momma now my uncle having it hard
Niggas double my age, is caged behind bars, for spitting
Bout how the system don't follow they own laws
Use it to my advantage, kinda hard just to handle
Brotha plan it, cuz every lil brotha gon have to man up
You could sit down, like a bitch now, in a big crowd or stand up
And join the other leaders that's preaching just what they meaning
People change with the seasons, no one focused on freedom
Scary I been legendary since the boy was a fetus
Mastered the whole flow, before the boy was a fro head
Grow dreads, I be so wrecked niggas don't even know blessed, hopeless
So vex with no checks
My work place weak so what I'mma do next?
Make a song with my broadies, nobody really know me
We could take it to the courts and my niggas be screaming Kobe, you owe me

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