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Lyrics to Standing Still
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An eight ball

And two and all

Is how I measure the length that I must go

To outrun you standing still

A soft flight

And such delight

A nervous gesture that dropped me to my knees

Now I wonder where you are tonight

A hard fall

And through it all

I never felt so callous

A cut sleeve

And to believe

And once again I walked home alone

This old world counts for nothing

I did all I could do

Now I won't accept your blessing

On this, our final night

Won't live to see the light

Of morning

So I cling to apron strings

As I recall my father's dying words

"Some girls are sweet, some girls are wicked"

From this tree comes ???

An ugly cloister of flat foot bookish boys

Who'd as soon kick you as kiss you

Songwriters: COLIN MELOY
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