Lyrics to Stamina
Stamina Video:
here in my castle on the hill i welcome all remote attempts to
save me from my fate and i see unfurled flags of ages past
battle all around me i see the bloodstained sky above me
hurling insults you just don't get it in the end the littered battlefield throws bricks through my resolve don't keep waiting til the end in the end there's nothing left just a pacifist's resolve
problems unsolved i'm too naive to see the sunlit end in sight a lost cause - maybe. but maybe not - what do you fight for? the doctor lays his instruments aside (what do you fight for?) a
life spent on skills to the highest bidder (what do you fight for?)
drag on until there's nothing left here keep on walking til my
path becomes clear i'll go on until i find my way out please god
let me find my way out i don't have any answers i don't have a lot to offer but i can see there's something wrong here from my castle on the hill.
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