Staff Meeting Lyrics

Sakes Alive!!

Act I - EP

Lyrics to Staff Meeting
Staff Meeting Video:
And at the end of the night...
We'll return to our somber sleepy lives
Head back to work
Rub our eyes and wonder
?Was it all in my mind??
Cause the rent needs paying
And each mouth has to eat
Love nor ideals can cover bills
It's all a pipe dream

So there you are
Filling your gas
Watching the hours of your life
Simply pump right past...

And this is how it's always gonna be

First! - excavate your hope
Then! - depreciate its life---
Amidst the crowd and neon signs
Built into a grid of traffic lights;
Cash and clocks;
Toil, then drop
This is how it's always gonna be

Until the end
With both feet in cement
Clawing at the edge,
From the bottom,
Of a six foot hole...

Time's running (out)
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