Lyrics to St. John The Divine
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And when the world will stay the same but your place in relation to it has changed. And when the word begins to loose its power to restore and soothe. And when the blackness starts its spread from behind your tired head. Well taxes now was once your wealth. When tucks and aches becomes your health.

And when the night spreads into day one unbroken spread of gray. When the darkness fills the space between the bone and skin of your face. Seeps between your skull and brain as input filters through its stain. The tightness in your brow contains what poison yesterday but not sustains.

And when the night begins its flow you will watch yourself give up control. What was cold now keeps you warm and you watch your outerself transform. And the one you love keeps the faith that you can rise above but if you kept faith with yourself but if you kept faith with yourself, you might admit you could have used some help.

But move yourself and sterdy close with next the dark begins its flow. The clinical the problem be remove yourself and you will see when next the blackness flow begins, I eat your pills you eat my sins. Take me back to prouder days but please don't take my anger away.

And I don't pray but I'm humble myself.
I am on my way today.
I don't pray.
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