Lyrics to Squeaky Fingers
Squeaky Fingers Video:
Fey - Appearing touched or crazy, as if under a spell
Bazaar - A fair or sale at which miscellaneous articles are sold,
often for charitable purposes

Like it's a dream - and there's a moon and a tune
A shower in a motel room
And through the steam and in my ear I can hear
Squeaky fingers on the mirror
Beyond the door, out in the lot, the night is hot
And kids are givin' what they got;
And is it me, or is it fey, when I say,
'It reminds me of another day?' Ya-Hey!

Out in the road, across the town, out and down
Where they disappear without a sound
Into the whole from whence they came, without a name
Givin' and gettin' joy and pain;
And into pants, then into boots and business suits
To fill them out while they commute;
Or to remain in tricked out cars, and country bars, country fairs,
and church bazaars - Stay hard!

Like it's a dream - in motion slow, and they all know
I hear them come and watch them go;
And as the steam begins to clear, I face the mirror
- the evidence has disappeared
Into the hole, from whence it came, still unnamed,
Like tomorrow's town will be the same;
Into the whole from whence I came, still unnamed,
Like towmorrow's town is just the same - unnamed.
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