Square Patterns (wrds By Jessica Persson) Lyrics

O Desolation

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Lyrics to Square Patterns (wrds By Jessica Persson)
you can't even see what it is
but when darkness comes closer
to stab you in the back
I'll be watching

meaningless patterns disapearing
dark air catching up
with all the words they always said
repetedly using the same exuses
making up new lies
to make them think that what they have
is really worth living

with no meaning
nothing will make ameds
When that other half has passed
you won't feel more content
with how you lived your life
supperssing the truth
will never do you any good

They never stopped to think
if any of the things
they ever did made any difference
to anyone but thenmselves

Because no matter how hard i try
prohibition never stood a chance against exhibition

When my journey ends
I want to die outside in
I want my limbs to be tired
I don't know much,
but i do know this:
I'm no where near the best years of my life
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