Spring, And Everything It Brings.. Lyrics

Rosary Ligature

Lacrimosa - EP

Lyrics to Spring, And Everything It Brings..
Spring, And Everything It Brings.. Video:
Her life's reflected in the night,
the shadows hold her tight
when the wind distorts her face
revealing someone she does not know

[group chant]
and in the water there is a girl,
her figure as brittle as glass.
to come to terms with everything she has learned,
about letting go of the past.

swallowed into depths, greater than the sea
a castaway from life's one hope,
there is no love for she

tell me what he did,
i want to know...
how it burned like a lie and like a stove
the marks are on his hands,
and in his heart easily concealed
but yours will never heal
they're in your eyes, inside the wine...
you drink, to forget how to feel
but i will face what no one dares
embrace the beauty that once lived in fear
be not afraid...
i am no savior,
but i know how to love
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