Lyrics to Spite And Malice
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I've had a few good senses of humor
But I'm afraid that's no longer enough
Looks like bad posture and good intentions
Led us nowhere

Tasting salt too many times gave us thrist
I put too much into the other way
I didn't do what was expted
Nor I see the ?

But it's a simple game of spite and malice
And the home is on your plate
It's a simple ?
To see which one is the first to break
Which ?

My imgination knew no boundaries
My courage didn't know where to begin
So while you're ?
All the time I was rehearsing my escape

If we're so appalled by this
Then why are we making apologies?
If we're in tune with harmony from melody
Then why are we still saying don't invite me?

The smartest people are victims
And everyone's entangled to their own opinions
I've had a few good senses of humor
But nothing's good humor til you have sense
Some were too under cautious
And the writer's left us nauseous so let's ?

It's a simple game of spite and malice
Wipe that hope off your chest
It's a simple play of the ?br> All the questions it failed to test
Let's see which two faces suits you best

It's the shopping act of ?
Never laid to rest
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