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Flying down slow
I don't even want to go
But it's so nice when you fly slow
I picked up a piece of the sky
I watched it, watched it under my eyes
And I noticed quite by accident
That it's the same, it's all the same
Why don't you fly slowly down with me?
I enjoy my work, I enjoy being alive
There it goes again, here we are once more
We are right are on the edge of
Whatever you choose to be on the edge of
But it's kind of nice
And it's kind of calm
That you see these things
Without even having to die
Lucky us
Lucky you, lucky me, lucky one two three
Aren't we happy?
Aren't we glad that we're here on the edge
We're right here in the sky
We're right ever you might choose to fly
You and I and the entire world can fly
Just you and I
Why not fly?
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