Lyrics to Spiritual Love
Spiritual Love Video:
When I think about the day that we first met
I remember feeling secure
Now everytime the sun rises and the sun sets
I know anything will endure

just to feel our hearts beating together
No other way to explain
Cause we have a

spiritual Love
That last for a lifetime
Feel like we been born again
Every moment we share
nothing can compare
to the happiness of spiritual love
Spiritual love

I never knew life could be so
so complete
with just one look in your eye, eyes
No one else has ever made me feel unique
with no strings or compromise
We're inseparable only to find
we're groming closer through time


(spiritual love) That has no boundries
(spiritual love) That knows no defeat
you are my inspiration
with you I am complete


(Thanks to Alyssia for these lyrics)
Songwriters: POTTS, TRAVON M.
Publisher: Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group
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