Spirits Of The Sea Lyrics


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Lyrics to Spirits Of The Sea
I watched you go at wave-beaten shore
Where wind stood still
Felt grey and cold the moment you went away from me
Now dreams are sleeping with your quiet destiny
Underway to dwell the longer on your memory

Meet me at the hour of dawn
Think of us after you're gone
Wait for me at the edge of the sky
Promise me our love won't die
Fear of men no longer lives
Let the sunlight dry our tears
I'll go

The Ashrays chanting with their velvet silver hair
Nocturnal, luring choirs will live to tell the tale
The quest of overwhelming fortune came to an end
Burning inside of us remain their eternal flames

Never let them go
Where the stars can't reach
Living infinite

They'll always know
Kept in secrecy
44 and me
Spirits of the sea

Never break their freedom in supreme tranquillity
Seeking for truth
My brothers of the blue