Lyrics to Spider Mansion
Spider Mansion Video:
I just can't take this feeling when I wake that I'm powerless.
There's some old stars burning, contemplating, exploding.
They're far but manage to find their way to hit home.
And I predict that these gods won't hear me,
No matter how loud I can say their names.
I think they've been forgotten,
And I am sure that I will have to share the same fate.
We live so easily.
I'm sure we'll all go in our sleep.
I can't think of a worse way.
My wisdom teeth are coming through,
Trying hard to forget you, but I can't.
There's dead bats in my living room,
And I will likely follow suit.
Landlocked, lost youth.
Time stands against us.
We'll hide it.
We'll dive in.
The less I need, the better I feel.
The garbage piles.
The graveyards fill.
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