Lyrics to Spider-Ham
Spider-Ham Video:
Homer Simpson: Spider-Pig, Spider-Pig, does whatever a...huh? Oohh!
He's not Spider-Pig anymore...he's Spider-HAM!

II: Spider-Ham, Spider-Ham
Peter Porker, Spider-Ham
He's part pig and part bug
Catches thieves while in the mud
Look out, here comes the Spider-Ham

Is he strong? Is he big?
He's an anthropomorphic pig.
Catches truffles with a thread
Favorite movie is "Charlotte's Web"
Hey, there! There goes the Spider-Ham

In a lab late at night, a spider's bitten by a swine
While that doesn't seem right, He survives to fight crime

Spider-Ham, Spider-Ham
Take out the middle and you're left with "Spam"
Saves the city of New York
He's not kosher 'cause he's pork
Look out, here comes the Spider-Ham

Look out!

Go piggie!

Oi(nk)! (x24)

Captain Americat helps send villains to their room
The King-Pig sure hates that, as does ol' Ducktor Doom!

Spider-Ham, Spider-Ham
Friendly neighborhood Spider-Ham
Each comic is full of fun
And even more piggy puns
Bad guys, whatever they are takin'
He's gonna fry their bacon
You'll find the Spider-Ham!
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