Spelled In Waters Lyrics

Van Canto

Break The Silence

Lyrics to Spelled In Waters
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Phrases laughing right in your face.
Writing depth into this shallowness.
Carving a name just to leave a trace.
A body resounding with hollowness.

Meaning, please come onto me.
Explain these deeds of vanity.

With every failure and every falter
may my name be spelled in waters.

So many words, but nothing to say.
Still I'm waiting for a sense to come.
I am silent. Words took my voice away.
Tamed and harmless I am. All alone.

This empty page best remains forsaken,
describing roads already taken.

Echoing what was heard before,
irrelevance immortalized.
Please try to remember me.
?Someone who has always tried.?
But uttered words do not live long.
Silence will engulf this song
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