Lyrics to Special Place
Special Place Video:
Many dreams and thoughts may cross our minds
How to conquer them we cannot find
But somehow we find the peace that surpasses all our understanding.
We search in order to get in the race
Or run swiftly far away from grace
Still we arrive at this place, so familiar to our destiny

In between where I?ve been and where I?m going
To a special place, designed just for me
Between where I?ve been, so closer to knowing
My search is over, I think I see me
[Ad-libs:] Yeah, Oh, To a special place, In between, Between, Yeah, My search is over, over

It?s clear to me it?s no need to hide
Knowing it?s your voice that will guide me to all my hopes and dreams
To satisfy everything my soul has ever longed for
Lord I long to fulfill your plan, yes I do
Knowing all the time that it?s with your hand that will hold me
Until your will is clear to me, I?ll be waiting so, so patiently

In between where I?ve been, Where I know that I?m going, To a special place, Designed just for me, In between where I?ve been, So closer to knowing, That my search is over, Yes I see me

Mirror, mirror on the wall
I know that I can face it all
I finally see the truth inside of me
It?s too late to turn back now
I have no questions about how
You will lead and guide me
Always hide me safely in your arms

In your arms is where I?ll be, Waiting on my way to my destiny, Made just for me, So closer to knowing, My search is over, Over

Lord I really thank you for my destiny
Really, really thank you for all my blessings
Lord I really thank you for my gift being inside of me
Lord I really thank you for my destiny
Really want to thank you for all my blessings
Lord let your glory be revealed in me
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