Lyrics to Speak Life
Speak Life Video:
Verse I
Have you ever been in a dry place
Couldn't show it on your face
And you cry inside Lord tel my why
That relationship now broken
So many hurts unspoken
And you die inside Lord tell me why

Night after night you pray
Still nothing seems to ever change
Remember God's Word is true
He knows the plans for you
By faith this is what you must do

Just speak life to it
Just speak life through it
Knowing God's not a man
That He should lie
Just hold on to it
Just go on through it
To ev'ry dry bone in your valley
Just speak life

Verse II
Whatever happened to your dreams
You struggle with your self esteem
And you cry inside Lord tell me why
Frustration always on your mind
There's been no joy for quite some time
And you die inside Lord tell me why

Night after night...


You may not see it right now
Still you must believe that somehow
God will work it out
Though your bones may seem dry
You must now prophesy
That I shall live and not die

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