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David Rovics

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Lyrics to Spanish Journalists Strike
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The battle had been raging For how long it's hard to say We were there to tell the story Of the slaughter, come what may We didn't hide behind the lines We reported on the crimes For BBC, Telemundo And the Sunday Times They said we were in danger Bearing witness to the war A half dozen had just been killed In the days before Then came the day they bombed Jazeera And Abu Dhabi TV there as well At the same time they took aim And shelled the Palestine Hotel Four journalists were murdered In a single day And then our own Prime Minister Aznar was to say There will be no investigation Such a thing would not make sense It was just a tragic accident So at his next press conference Aznar approached the podium To give a national address Gathered all around him The men and women of the press He opened his mouth We put our cameras on the floor Dropped our notebooks, turned our backs And walked right out the door (Chorus) We marched down the street And left our cameras where they lay 'Cause all the news that's fit to mention Is there is no news today We were not imbedded In your networked play by play We were just reporters Reporting day by day We were trying to do our jobs Bring the Baghdad street Whether it was victory Massacre or defeat And those three missiles told a story That's not hard to surmise The Army has decided what's good For the global public's eyes These missiles weren't coincidence Of this there is no doubt And on that April afternoon "Assessinos" we did shout (Chorus) What happens to the message When the messenger is shelled What happens to a nation That says it's just as well What happens when the imbeds Are the last ones left alive Is this your brave new world In which our liberty shall thrive (Chorus)

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