Lyrics to Spanish Jesus
La musica de Harry Fraud
Woah, esto si es un peligro, woah

I'm stuffing [?] in my pantalones
Mami nervous, 'fore I leave, she holler, "Bendiciones"
This just made my rate double like the fucking chorus (woah)
Hard to ignore this, dog, my aura never looking porous
I said a prayer for every smoker twitching
'Cause what good is faith when there's no intention? (Woah)
I turned my dirty kitchen into pole position
Brother betrayed me, I guess we going fishing (I guess)
Condescending fed reaching, look like John Turturro
And I still counted sheep like the census bureau
Demonic stallions with the fatty said I aughtta wife it
Instead, it's Ubers, Lyfts, and taxis when I get the vice grip
Where the fuck was you when everything was looking frightening? (Huh?)
I only had a 'bout it bitch who never burned the rices
Now my ambition is indifference to any prices
While maintaining recognition that my time is priceless (oh my)
Made my soul comfy, found a new balance
Rather let karma kill you, I don't do malice (nah)
Focused on the paper, put a pencil to it
While they getting chubby like Botero drew it (woah)
Mastering my craft, help me stack the cheese
So I stay away from rats who fold like the back of knees (woah)
You just make sure that the package clean
Or meet a couple knuckleheads who all pack Febreze (woah)

The black Jesus speaking
Turned one brick to two, fiends tweaking
High tops from a Yeezy Season
Please believe I'm on a Yves St diet
Bagging raw, what's the science? Three of them just died
If they want it, let 'em buy it, up at Barney's, caused a riot
Jewellery on me, bullets flying, got my niggas in confinement
Took a O for a [?], few wrinkles, get the iron
Know his momma house, let's fry it, should be bitching for the Bisons (grr)
Griselda patches on the New Era, sporting new Vera up in MOMA
Drive-bys, money, blue Carreras
You can never sink my ship
Rhymes fish, my white bitch like to sniff off my dick
Made a wish, free Sly, free Ike
Free Irie, free Black, free Mike, free Cs, I barely sleep at night
(Free my niggas) I keep it on me everyday, even when I pray yay
Boom boom boom boom boom boom
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