Space To Breathe Lyrics



Lyrics to Space To Breathe
What’s the fucking point in even trying
It always ends up the god damn same
I barely please myself, alone anyone else
Criticising me’s your favorite game

I just want to express freely
The way I feel without compromise
I’ve had enough
I’ve lost all fucks
This is where I draw the line

Seems all hope is fading and I’ve lost my sight
Of where I am heading won’t fall in line
I can feel you breathing, hairs stand on my neck
Just please keep your distance
Or you’ll soon regret it

I’ve finally had enough, I’m just not giving a fuck
About anything, You’ve got to say

You think you know what’s best for me
Say I’m rash and reckless
But don’t you plan my destiny
This is mine to own

I am not your slave
I refuse to break
I need to learn from my own mistakes
You want to know what’s best for me
Then just shut up and give me some god damn space to breathe

I’m ready to disappoint you again
In your eyes my mistakes they never end
The pressure is mounting I feel it’s burn
This burden is endless you show no concern

Leave me alone(leave me alone)
Just get the fuck away

You never thought about the pressure that you’re putting on me
A mental breakdown is for sure I’ve lost my sanity
Every night I sit in silence with the same disease
This fucking sickness is opinions of society
Have you ever thought that maybe you’re the one who’s wrong
I bet you didn’t cause you’re stubborn fucking headstrong
Every memory of you I freely erase
Because no matter what I do I’m just a fucking disgrace

I’m just a fucking disgrace
Songwriters: James Ash
Publisher: Lyrics © Eclipse Loud
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