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Lyrics to Space Age 4 Eva
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(MJG) I can make you get buck Even if you don't go to the club that much I got so much rhythm I can feel it MJG and Eightball we the realest Baby you can bill it to the P.O. box When you feelin real good Luxury soft leather with the real wood Type of attitude whenever I come around After-party baby welcome down to U-Town (Eightball) I roll with them fools who love to blow trees I represent Eightball and MJG You wanna get down you wanna flow like us G's from overseas blow drow like us I love them women who got they head on straight I love them women who like to lay it on eight Jump in with me we can dip flip Start a relationship with your lips and your hips (Chorus) DJ's playin the music make the dance floor want to move it Move your body at the party at the party at the party (MJG) Are you feelin like I'm feelin cause I'm feelin good naw wait great Feelin like I could move a whole damn state, huh-uh, a planet And it's time for the beat to do damage Ain't nobody gonna tell us how to do it We gon' do it how we wanna do it We gon' bring it how we wanna bring it And if you can't understand how we flow Its provision decision revision then go And I can't understand how I'm on And I'm still going strong with the green sticky gone out my system It keeps me up when hard times beat me up Im lookin good as I look into my rear view Now hear me like you want me to hear you Put your worries and your debts all behind you And let the rythm of the Alpine find you (Chorus) (Eightball) We gon' bounce bounce till we can't no more Puff puff till it ain't no more Drink Drink till we throw up on the floor Shine so bright we make the whole world glow Got soul fo' sho' we deep from the South Haters they try but they ain't keeping us out We peepin the doubt but thats alright My mic skills be tight ain't just aight This for all my dogs who got love in they heart Be an individual and show it in your art For all of those who disagree we ain't trippin We ride the slab wit' that space age pimpin Ball and G and thats all we be and thats all we see and thats all we need No fakes or snakes that wanna rape a tape Just us and the beats for the DJ to play (Chorus till end)

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