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Lyrics to South Dakota Morning
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The sun shines down on a South Dakota morning,
and I can see their faces in my eyes.
I wish they were behind me.
My enemy can find me
if only to remind me
that I'm really not alone.
All the South Dakota mornings I have known.

The eagle flies on a South Dakota morning,
and I don't see my eagle anymore.
Now, stranger, I must kill you.
You must survive but will you.
I may just beat you down,
but will it even up the score?
I think I saw the eagle just once more.

The rain comes down on a South Dakota morning,
and I can't see the sadness in my town.
So let it be my pillow
for underneath your willow.
Wanna go back to you though you're nothing but a town
on the South Dakota grass I lay me down.
Songwriters: GIBB, BARRY ALAN
Publisher: Lyrics © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.
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