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The Schnitzel Song (Fleming K. Mcwilliams/jim Belushi) lyrics Soundtrack: Hoodwinked

Schnitzel, the favorite treat
For little girls and boys to eat
Schnitzel Man can serve them quick
It's a schnitzel on a stick

"No more spoons, use your hands!"
Says the friendly Schnitzel Man
"Make sure you keep an extra one
For later in your leiderhosen!"


Schnitzel the favorite treat
The stick that's served with dough and meat
"Breakfast, lunch, and dinner, too!
Schnitzel me and schnitzel you!"


"To sing on stage has been my dream;
Or even at the movie screen"
"I want to sell the bunyan cream;
To be a German Charlie Scheen"
"I want to be a yodel man;
To sing with Happy Yodel band"
"To miss this dream would make sick;
But for now I serve the schnitzel stick!"

"They'll taste good!"
(They'll taste good)
"Meat and stick"
(Meat and stick)
"Raid that fridge"
(Raid that fridge)
"For the schnitzel stick!"
(For schnitzel stick!)


Schnitzel the favorite treat
For little girls and boys to eat
"Eat them to grow big and thick
It's a schnitzel on a stick!
It's a schnitzel on a stick!"

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