Lyrics to Soul Seducer
Soul Seducer Video:
Do you feel the door closing, do you feel your own demise
Spare yourself of sweat, there's no escape, no use to lament
The snake is under the cover, tread on it - be sure it's there
Insidious, filthy lover seduced and lured you to his lair

Soul seducer
Master deceit and lies
Soul seducer
His eyes mesmerise

A sweet talker you will find, as words flatter venomised you slowly rot
Unaware of that, you reached for fortune and fire ro you got
Now feed upon the flame, please the flesh that will dissolve
Stretching hands into the pockets, man, where is your soul?

Soul seducer
Master deceit and lies
Soul seducer
Loathes and despises

When buying in the devil's shop, hah, fool!
You are the currency with which to pay the price

Golden palace, a king with a queen
Yes, Yes, you have it all
Man of new age millenium's sage, glorious writings on the wall
A hundred will pass, never the less, time flies while you hollow
Embraced by the lover, without cover
No, no, no no
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