Lyrics to Soul Search
Soul Search Video:
[music: Mameli]
[lyrics: Foddis]

Paved roads of deceit
Leading to all life's directions
So many went ahead
Self-denial at their horizons

Reaching out for all that's there to achieve
Despite your be?ng and what you believe

Weakening of the truthful be?ng
On the rise of a personality
Within your own creation of lies soon you'll be

In search of your entity
Betrayed by who you would like to be
A journey with your mind
Seeking traces you left behind

[1st time synth lead: Mameli]

Eye-sights replaced by views driven by human desire
Fulfillment of your dreams have made you a liar

[Lead: Uterwijk]
Songwriters: MAMELI, PATRICK M.J.
Publisher: Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group, BALD EGO MUSIC
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