Lyrics to Sorry
Sorry Video:
I tried to tell them that it's safer if we all stay together
so hold on to the person next to you because we're in for nasty weather
I cannot promise we won't die
there won't be time to say goodbye

and you will scream as we will fall
and we'll feel sorry for it all
and in your eyes I see a sadness that I've never seen before

woke up today and found that tear-soaked pillow still laying beside you
you blinked your eyes and found that lump of fear was still growing inside you
you never thought that he would die
you didn't want to say goodbye

you wouldn't even take his calls
and now you're sorry for it all
and still you know inside that - somewhere he knows you miss him

I know by now that it's hard to think
you won't get a chance to fix the boats you sink
I heard a word coming from your shaking lips
"sorry" won't catch you every time you slip

pathetic faces void of smiles, friends in disguise flocked 'round the coffin
constant inquiries, they tear you up - it's getting too exhausting
"before today you wouldn't care"
that's what you'd say if you'd just dare
to just let go, let yourself fall
let them feel sorry for it all
but in the end you know that - you were his most true friend
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