Lyrics to Sorrow is a Woman
Sorrow is a Woman Video:
(Savage, Clark, Willis, Elliott)

Your always pretending to be
Someone who prefers to be free
You think you can fool me with your lying eyes
But what is this game that you play
When all that your trying to say
Is that your lonely, in need of a friend

Oh yeah, sorrow woman
I just can't seem to get to you
Oh yeah sorrow woman
If only you could see you as I do

And can't you see that it's true
There's someone as lonely as you
Trying so hard, so hard to get through
And why can't everyone see
The way that it really should be
Why hide your feelings and suffer the pain

Repeat Chorus

You know that sorrow is a woman
You know that she'll make you feel sad
You know that sorrow is a woman

Repeat Chorus

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