Lyrics to Sophomore
Sophomore Video:
So here we are: our familiar place Our shouting match, our contest To see if we can prove the others¹ wrong decree Say what? No, I didn¹t ask you What the fuck are you trying to prove? Every time we fight turns into what we will deny Say it¹s okay, say I¹m all right Never happened, covered up with smiles and laughs Why do we go mad? I don¹t know, Å'cause we¹re at the end of our rope So, ten months from now when you are far away from me Our lives will change When we look back what will we say? I can¹t stand this Do you know me? I don¹t think you realize at all that we can do this We¹ve been through this so many times before And I hate it when we can¹t communicate the general state of our lives And I¹m falling, my fingers slipping off We¹re at the end of our rope and we don¹t have to beÅ 

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