Lyrics to Soothing
Soothing Video:
I remembered almost nothing
From when I was a kid
That felt strange when others talked about their
Childhood memories
Warm and tender
They remember
Never thought much about it
But now that it is gone
The house that I grew up in
Gave me back my memories
Warm and tender
I remember sweet memories
Long forgotten

What we had
The good and bad
I can see it
The games we used to play
Me and my brothers
The years have past
We grew up fast
Never too far away

And here we are today
Nico is getting married
Eddie's still in school living
With mum and dad
Gerardo's working
Every fucking day
Me and my girlfriend we are
Doing alright
She's got a lot of work so
She's pretty busy
I'm a lousy housewife
I hate doing the dishes
And I miss my brothers

Never too far away from each other
We won't grow apart
Never too far away from each other
Always in my heart
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