Lyrics to Sooner/Later
Sooner/Later Video:
The storm came in like a drunk declaration
The streets were empty, all the lights went out
Two lovesick kids in a hallway trembling
Feet shuffling, nervous, eyes filled with doubt
He looked at her and then she started laughing
It was wild and electric like the noise above
He said, "darlin' some things are just bound to happen
And sooner or later we're gonna fall in love"

With the snow still whispering down on New York City
He walked the carpet of that cheap hotel
Opened his door and there he found her waiting
She kicked out the window and down they fell
Fifteen stories through the wind and weather
'Til they landed softly on the street below
She said, "honey, right now we're passin' through together
But sooner or later this will feel like home"

So they closed the curtains on one last sunset summer
Stole what they wanted, left the fools to cry
He took her hand somewhere in California
And he didn't let go until the Georgia line
He never thought he'd lose her for a second
He never thought he'd watch it slip away
But your pulse gets weak when you're too scared to check it
Sooner or later he'd learn the hard way

She lit roman candles in their old apartment
While he bled out on some stranger's curb
Mumbling about how it all comes around
And sooner or later we get what we deserve

She stayed out all night with all the hometown heroes
Just like she'd done a hundred times before
Tossed her wishes off the overpass
And swore she didn't need 'em anymore
He looked up and saw the sky was open
As he watched her moving back across the bridge
Then he rubbed his eyes and went right back to hoping
That sooner or later she'd come back to him
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