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I like you
I think that you're pretty good
But I think that you think that I
That I am a bit undercooked

I'm lazy
I play silly jokes and go over the top
And one of these days it's gonna get me killed
That'll be my lot

I suppose I'd leave you alone after a hint
But I'll lie in my bed feeding my head
'Til I become fairly intelligent

100,000 people today were burned
I felt a pang of concern
What are we waiting for?
A message of hope
From the pope?
I think he got shot
As well

When everyday of your life seems the same as the last
And you know who you're gonna meet
And what they gonna ask
Then supposing your legs just withered away
And you had to somehow slide around
On your backside for the rest
Of your days

Imagine that you're happy now
It's easy if you try
Because we're all caught up in a mortifying loop
Songwriters: JOHNSON, MATT
Publisher: Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group
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