Lyrics to Song To Sing
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Goodbye four-leaf clovers Hello, gone awry Don't cry, the fight aint over Unless you let it pass you by CHORUS: I'm looking for a song to sing I'm looking for a friend to borrow I'm looking for my radio So I might find it hard to follow I've never been just longing for your loving I've never been just wearing down to nothing I've never been just looking for a reason So that maybe you'd be thinking of me Oh-oh You'd be thinking of me (Oh)All that I have found in reason Is reason just to not believe And all that you have left is treason Is treason just to let it be? Oh-oh CHORUS These blue yonder dreams and second-hand shoes You're so far gone that you live to lose And it's too late to go home all allone You're the tar in the old cigar and the worn out cable on a cable car And you're too tired to admit you've got to choose. CHORUS Oh-oh, You'd be thinking of me

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