Lyrics to Song For Sagittarians
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Oh, archer with your bowstring tight
Won't you let fly with your shaft of light
Are you hunting your quarry now
Are you leaving me babe, leaving anyhow
But I will remember you when the rain pours down
And I see you standing there in your bright blue gown
Fyodor's there, still he doesn't care
You're gone

Tell me you don't want to travel
To go back amidst the noise and babble
But you hear me when I tell you that
You know it won't be so long babe
You know you're coming back
And I'll wait right here till the sky is clear
And I'll keep looking into that endless sphere
And then you're gonna know
There really wasn't nothing to fear

So don't cry baby in the dark of night
When you know I ain't there to hold you tight
And I can't answer any of your questing glances
Like when we woke up in the morning
And we saw the dawn was storming
And the clouds were there love
Outside the window so fair
And the sun came rising
It was surprising
Cast out all your dark surmising
And then the car came
You spoke my name
And left me

But I'm not alone on this earth so fair
There's something else beside me here
Something keeps me ever looking forward
And it's brighter than the sunlight
And it's purer than the moonlight
And it's drawing me toward it
Like a moth out of the night
And I know I'll arrive
Where there ain't no time
Non-dimensional plane of joy sublime
Keep on being free
Lord it's gotta be
Songwriters: PHILLIPS, SHAWN
Publisher: Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group
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