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Lyrics to Song For Ronnie James
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There is a voice in the world for the lonely
There is a fire in the heart of the king
And the broken ones will know they are not the only
When he starts to sing
I turn to face the sun
When pain is calling
My mind is on the run
Another angel falling
The legend lives
Like a rainbow in the dark
For the children and runaway heart
When you dream evil
And your world is lost and blind
He will move your inner soul
With the sound of rock n' roll!
It's rock and roll! Ah!
One more for the vision
Oh! Let's for one more for the road
Mystery in the night, yeah!
It's our fire of light
We are legion
And the legacy lives on
I must save the crystal ball
When the wizard starts to fall
I can hear the call!
This is a song, this a song for Ronnie James
We'll never lose it, the soul of music
Come join the family all you children of the sea
Sail on forever and be a melody
Do you find it strange that someone wrote this song
But a feel the magic and it makes me strong
Like the Book of Revelations I will find my inspiration
You are always there to fall in hell or heaven
One night in the city
Hear the master of the moon
Feel the power
Sending shivers cross the room
Neon knights of the darkness
They are hungry for rock
He will light their inner spark
He's a hunter of the heart!

This is a song, a song for Ronnie James
When life is broken his words are spoken
Come and join the family, we will make the whole world see
We rock forever, this is our destiny
I wrote this song for the father of sign!
Oh, oh, oh, oh! Yeah!
Everyone should come together
We don't want to stand alone
Time will come we must live as one
For the morning
Everyone should cry together
We don't want to stand alone
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