Lyrics to Song For Kim
Song For Kim Video:
I wish that I was standing in the front row
Of the night that you played your last show
I hoped that I would never have to go home
An eighteen hour plane trip
I don't think I can take

You know that you're the girl that I want at my party
You're so cool, you probably know karate
You can sing me songs when I am down
And I'd return the favour
We'd be waking up the neighbours
Every single day, yeah

Well now I'm home and all I do is listen to your records
I go to sleep to the sound of your voice
I hate this town, it just makes me so bored
And I wish that you were here, but
You're so nowhere near

And now I'm far away from the rock clubs of LA
But if you're in town, at my place you can stay
And I'll take you out to all my favourite places
We'd walk around for hours on end
We'd get lost in the spaces
I'd let you win our races
All that I can say is I leave with no traces now

I'd do anything you want me to
I'd give anything to leave this town
But when I look for you, you're not around
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