Lyrics to Son Of My Father
Son Of My Father Video:
Father said to me we gotta have your life run nightoff you got to school where you can learn the rules there rightbe just like your dad ladfololw in the same traditionnever go astray and stay an honest lovin' son.Son of my fathermoulded I was folded I was preform-packedson of my fathercommanded I was branded in a plastic vac'surrounded and confounded by statistic facts.Tried to keep me in but jumped out of my skin in timeI saw thru the lies and read the alibi signsso I left my home I'm relly on my own at lastleft the trodden path and separated from the past.Son of my fatherchanging rearranging into someone newson of my fathercollecting and selecting independant viewsknowing and I'm showing that a change is due.Son of my fathermoulded I was folded...Son of my fathermoulded I was folded...

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