Lyrics to Sometimes
Sometimes Video:
Sometime I hate the things that you do
Sometimes I hate the things that you say
I won't lie won't even try
I know sometimes I drive you crazy
Maybe that's why we love eachother
Forever and for always

I'm only happy in the evening
I'm waking as you're leaving work
Yeah, you found something in me to believe in
I don't know if that's a blessing for a curse

Summertime and the bees were buzzing
A freind of mine claimed you were out of my league
It was clear to me it was you I was meant to be loving
It was clear to me it was you honey, you that I need
The streets were filled with drunken singing
You lit and cigarette and blew a kiss
When I'm with you all seems forgiven
When we're apart it's you i miss

And now I know we all get lonely
And only life's worth living for
And when we get there we're gonna know it
Like the waves rolling to the shore
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